Minnesota Unknown County Queries

The Unknown County Queries pages are no longer being increased.  Please use the Unknown County board to post your current unknown county queries.  As these pages are very old they will slowly be edited for non-working email addresses.  You are welcome to try to reach a submitter but keep in mind there is a slim chance the email will work.  If you get a bounced email, please let one of the leadership team know so the non-working email can be removed.  Thanks so much!  Contact 

Check to see if the SURNAME you are searching for is in a Query posted on this site before May 1, 1998 and 2001 thru the 2006. Just click on the first letter of your Surname. Note: There is a chance that there was a Surname missed from a query. If the letter is not highlighted there are no SURNAMEs submitted for that letter. Good Luck.

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View unknown county queries posted before May 1, 1998 and 2001 thru the 2006:

To view specific County Queries go to the Counties Page and link to the county of your choice.

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